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For an internal evaluation by the organization`s staff, the ToR is often referred to as an „assessment letter“ or „assessment agreement.“ Most elements of an official ToR or TFP for external evaluators are relevant to being included in an internal evaluation letter/agreement. … Reading is good… with tor, I encountered few problems when I`m on a blog or mailing list like the lack of free email address (of course I don`t write mine)… I take one here, another one in another place… tor might suggest a temporary list of fake email addresses as a „generic address“? it could be like a tolerant agreement and offer a level of anonymity with Tor`s message on a blog, for example.B. The reports provide valuable information about the project`s performance over a period of time. Reporting is a process that begins as soon as a project is initiated and continues until the project is completed and its proceeds are delivered. Reporting requirements define how project reports are written and transmitted, as well as the information that should be included. Changes in project conditions are necessary to decide whether or not to allocate the necessary funds to a proposed project. This is the result of the project proposal process, and TOR is the main report of this process.

TOR is usually used for: 2. In the meantime, mrphs has really had a hard time learning what just happened. Well, this chat protocol dates from November 10, 2014, and that`s disclosure at the end of June of this year. I feared that more distress would cause more, but mrphs is still with the Tor project after posting on August 3rd on this blog. What if the mrphs are satisfied? I am pleased to see this information published. I`m curious about Tor developers who talk about Tor with law enforcement. I remember reading, I think there is a blog post here some time ago, that the developers inform the forces of the order of the weaknesses against which Tor does not protect well. I agree with Tor Devs in the conversation with law enforcement about Tor, but why not inform the community at large about the specific weaknesses you show the police? Why not give everyone the details you give to law enforcement? This would be really beneficial for anyone who cares about the personal safety of their own system. I know that the Tor-Projekt site lists Tor`s weaknesses and anonymity issues in general. I would just like to make the same level of detail available to all who make Tor devs available to law enforcement in a spirit of openness and not damage to users.

Maybe you do, but I`ve never seen details of the conversations That Tor devs gives to law enforcement. Two Tor developers have already moved to Europe. One of them accelerated its action to escape the possibility of an NSL served by the FBI. She has a canary on her website. It is expected to be renewed in four days. (Someone reminds her, she forgets to renew the last time two months!) Good technology comes with manuals.

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