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Uleth Aupe Collective Agreement

Lethbridge College is made up of several groups of employees, each with their own specific conditions of employment. Collective agreements and additional resources are available by following the links below. In addition to respecting collective agreements, all employees must follow Lethbridge College`s guidelines and procedures. The first point was related to the „provincial mandate.“ In awarding the award, Arbitrator Andy Simms expressly rejected the University of Calgary Administration`s position that a „provincial mandate“ can be used to repeal the provisions of a collective agreement or that it should play a role in arbitration decisions. In his analysis of the administration`s argument, he wrote that, at the end of the board`s presentation, the discussion turned to the next steps. Given the certainty that compromises will be required, the ULFA team indicated a desire to discuss „money“ (i.e. salary and benefits) and „language“ (i.e. terms and conditions) in parallel. This ensures the relevance of the negotiations, as both sides are able to understand the compromises necessary to reach an agreement. rejected the employer`s request for withdrawal and referred to the absence of examples of such an outcome in free collective bargaining.

He took the words of Adjudicator Peltz: Alberta Labour Relations Board (www.alrb.gov.ab.ca) is an independent and impartial tribunal responsible for the day-to-day enforcement and interpretation of Alberta`s labour laws. The Board of Directors stops and enforces collective bargaining legislation. If the parties are unable to resolve their disputes through mediation, the Labour Relations Act describes the strike and lockout procedures as well as the various options for arbitration. The university was asked whether legislation that delayed conciliation and introduced PBCO and ministerial directives into public sector negotiations provided a power to allow an arbitrator to ignore the parameters established by the parties in the context of this re-opening of wages. It was not in a position to draw attention to such authority. I have reviewed this legislation and I cannot find a legal basis on which I can change the contractual mandate that the parties have given me in their agreement….

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