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An annual rent is paid to any landowner who has entered into a transfer agreement with NIE Networks. More details on payments and their calculation. Power grid managers and landowners are joining an agreement called the Wayleave Agreement regarding the use of a particular land by the network manager. A free trade agreement is a contractual license that allows NIE Networks to access, build and maintain on owners` land in exchange for an annual severance payment agreed by NIE Networks. We still have the need to develop the electricity transmission network. This now ensures a safe and reliable power supply for the future and for the future of our children. On this page, you`ll learn more about current and current network development projects, capital agreements and open consultations. During the Covid 19 situation, we will process requests for omissions online. If you have a panel request, you should contact the local network manager. If you are not sure, you can use our Who is my network operator? to find out who your local operator is. What is a Wayleave? A Wayleave is a legally binding agreement between a landowner or landowner and a telecommunications, supply or fibre optic provider that grants access to the installation and subsequent maintenance or management of above or underground wiring and network equipment.

What are the legal avenues? A legal or necessary route gives the supplier the right to access the land and install its equipment without the consent of the landowner. Most suppliers will try to negotiate a voluntary route, but if an agreement is not reached, suppliers can often continue to install under the Power Operating License code and impose mandatory purchase or vesting orders. How much can the landowner expect? Unfortunately, financial negotiation is another challenge in Wayleave`s negotiations. Some landowners have high expectations and therefore expect much more than service providers are willing to pay. Many factors can determine the viability of an agreement, including location, soil conditions and topography. Simply put, it all depends on the nature of the project! Blue Clarity`s acquisition and planning department offers route and ease solutions. If you need additional advice or are looking for an external contractor to pass on and manage your negotiations, please call Blue Clarity on 028 4372 3162. SONI is responsible for obtaining the consents of the owners that are necessary for the installation and the possibility of reflection of NIE Networks to install and maintain new transmission infrastructure on and through the owners` properties. If planning authorities authorize the development of a new transportation infrastructure, SONI will seek agreement from each owner before NIE Networks begins to build the new infrastructure. These omission agreements are voluntary.

They allow NIE Networks to enter the land defined in the agreement and perform certain tasks. Website: Click here to access information on the NIE Networks payments website. If you have a request for an existing guide or a new distribution system project, please contact NIE Networks – Contact information below. Here are the answers to the most popular questions about holiday payments. Wayleave`s agreements govern the use of a particular terrain by network operators to install, reach and operate equipment reliably and safely.

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